Frequently asked questions

Basically, yes. However, IATA regulations state that you are not allowed to pack anything containing flammable liquids or gas among your personal items. You cannot pack any aerosols either (for example, hairspray, colour hairspray, shaving foam and air fresheners). You cannot pack any vehicle parts that used to contain petrol or oil, or batteries (such as car batteries and lithium batteries).

You can send your personal items from your door in Sweden to your chosen airport abroad. The recipient of the package has to pay the customs duty and pick up the goods from the airport either themselves or someone on their behalf, and pay any customs duty/handling/storage fees at the terminal.

Of course you can send your goods on the same flight. But remember that although passenger baggage is handled straightaway, it can take up to 12 hours before the cargo is unloaded and registered, depending on the destination/airport.

We will organise transport for you as quickly as possible, but we recommend giving us two weeksnotice.

The costs and customs rules that apply vary from country to country. The recipient needs to contact the freight terminal/customs authority in their country to find out information about this.

Goods can normally be stored at the terminal for two days after they have arrived without a charge. This is the case at most airports, but it can vary significantly, so it is a good idea to check with the terminal in the relevant country.

You need to pack your goods in moving boxes/bags and they all have to be properly closed. Label them with both your name and address and the name and address of the recipient. For larger goods, you can also pack them on a pallet, sealing them with plastic.

You receive all this information from us. When you drop off your goods at our offices or if we pick them up from you, we check the measurements and the weight. We then book the transport with the airline company and produce an AWB (Airway Bill a cargo document). This document includes the flights and an AWB number, which is the number we label your goods with and which is the goodsidentification number.

We calculate a price depending on the weight of your goods. There is a minimum price and three price levels: goods weighing between 0 and 44 kg, between 45 and 99 kg, and more than 100 kg. We also charge a handling fee.

The cargo terminal that handles the cargo for the airline company we have used to send your goods will inform the recipient. The recipient can then go to the terminal to pay the customs duty and pick up the goods.

There are a lot of regulations stating how a cage should be designed. For example, it must be big enough for your animal to stand up in, turn around and then lie down in a natural position. The cage door must be made of steel and must be designed so that it cannot be opened by mistake or by the animal. The animal must not be able to stick their nose or paws through the ventilation holes or the cage door.

The cage must be made from solid plastic, wood or a similar material. Cages made of, for example, chipboard or masonite cannot be used for transporting animals by air.

The cages must have a water bowl and a food bowl that are accessible from the outside.

Your pet travels in the cargo space under the passenger cabin. They travel in a pressurised cabin which maintains the right level of oxygen and the right temperature throughout the journey.

When you hand over your goods to us, we are liable for them until they have been given to and accepted by the relevant airline company at Arlanda. After this the Conditions of Contractapply (please read the conditions printed on the back of the consignment note).

All forwarding of goods is carried out in accordance with the General Conditions for Transport, Forwarding and Storage of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (latest issue). This means that we have the right to limit our liability and we can settle any amounts due by selling property under our control. These conditions also state that Active Air Cargo must compensate you by up to SEK 90 per kg if your goods are lost/stolen.

Airline companies have limited liability, which means that they will compensate you up to the equivalent of USD 20 per kg if your goods are lost. You cannot insure your personal items against hidden damage as the airline company can never know if the packed goods were damaged in the first place.

It is possible that your consignment will not go on the booked flight due to unforeseen circumstances. This can include technical faults, headwinds, a change of aircraft type and cancelled flights. In these situations your consignment will be booked on the next available flight.