Quick and comfortable transport

We only use airlines that fly from Sweden. Using our extensive experience, we decide on the route that will be the most comfortable for your pet. We take into consideration not only the travelling time but also the experience the airline company has of handling animals.

Your friend always travels in a heated and illuminated space in the plane.

  • Flights from Sweden
  • Airlines used to dealing with animals
  • Routes with the quickest travel time
  • Illuminated, oxygenated and heated space

Make sure you have the right permits

You often need to have documents and permits to allow your pets to travel by air. Contact the Swedish Board of Agriculture or the similar authority in the country your pet is flying to so that you can find out what paperwork you need. You should also remember to give your pet any vaccinations they need before they travel.

Puppies and kittens must be at least 10 weeks old to travel by air (in certain countries they have to be at least 12 weeks old). They must also be able to eat and drink by themselves.

Choose a good cage

There are several regulations governing the design of the cage that you use. You can buy a cage from our partner Scandipet, which helps to organise the journey for your pet. If you want to buy another cage, you should check with us first to make sure it is IATA approved. Some companies sell cages that they say are IATA approved, but which actually are not. A cage costs between SEK 800 and SEK 3,500 depending on the size.

Make them a comfortable sleeping area and get your pet used to the cage before they travel to minimise any stress they may feel.

Debbie looks after your animal

I work with Active Air Cargo to make sure your animal arrives safely at their destination. I am a real animal lover and I do everything I can to make sure the animal is happy.

– Debbie Dunagan, ägare av Scandipet

Frequently asked questions

Your pet travels in the cargo space under the passenger cabin. They travel in a pressurised cabin which maintains the right level of oxygen and the right temperature throughout the journey.

Outside Europe there are direct flights to Chicago, Newark and Dubai. For any other destinations your pet has to fly via another country.

Airline companies must allow at least a four-hour transfer period. This means that your pet has to spend the night if they are travelling to, for example, North America and some other destinations.

Your pet travels via Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Dubai; airports where we know they handle animals extremely well. Each of these airports has a pet hotel where they take very good care of animals in transit and the employees know the best way to handle animals who are travelling. The dogs/cats are given food, water and care.

There are a lot of regulations stating how a cage should be designed. For example, it must be big enough for your animal to stand up in, turn around and then lie down in a natural position. The cage door must be made of steel and must be designed so that it cannot be opened by mistake or by the animal. The animal must not be able to stick their nose or paws through the ventilation holes or the cage door.

The cage must be made from solid plastic, wood or a similar material. Cages made of, for example, chipboard or masonite cannot be used for transporting animals by air.

The cages must have a water bowl and a food bowl that are accessible from the outside.

Yes, the UK authorities (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, DEFRA) have decided that all animals must be flown in as cargo.

No, we can organise the transport of most animals by air, including rabbits, fish and zoo animals.

We do not know how your dog/cat would react if they were given a sedative and were then flown to a high altitude. If your dog/cat is easily stressed, you can treat it with a natural diary supplement, such as Zyklene or Feliway a few weeks leading up to their departure. Always ask your vet before starting any treatment.

Yes, your dog/cat must always have access to water during the journey and is given food in the stopover country.